It is still out there and you are still finding your way…just your way 

Sailing in the universe

It was out there

Finding its way towards you.

The storm came

And passed and now

The gentle breeze is seeking you

Like a hug from God.

Sailing in the universe,

It is still out there

And you are still finding your way…just your way.

And somehere along the course of this eternity

This collision may happen

But till then,

Hearts may wither

And souls may be lonely.

“Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.”


For a dear friend, my Parabatai – we can beat Jem and Will! 

Dreams big, fears small 

Oceans deep, ambitions tall.

You stand there, my friend, amongst the Unseen;

Battling the tumultuous winds.

The whispers of a lonely heart

strangle the ticking clock within,

But know, O’ Parabatai, that

“Verily, with every difficulty there is relief”.



In circles revolving around the orbits of our lives,


In circles revolving around the orbits of our lives

Chasing the Will of the Universe,

Somewhere far away, deep within you,

The stars are breaking gently

And unaware are we.

Time; it just sails and it will just sail.

But, the stars are breaking gently and we are unaware

And it may be too late – a little too late –

Before you catch their glow

And love the magic that you have always so desired.



Moments ago, one second was the thought of *this*

Moments ago, one second was the thought of this

And moments later, one second is the thought of that.

For how long, I wonder,

Will a minute last

Without the entanglement of this and that?

You ask, “This?”

I say, “Feel this when it is gone…far away…gone.”

You ask, “That?”

I say, “Feel that when it is here…within the reach of your palm.”

It’s a lovely mystery, our this and our that, you and the universe.



A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In a galaxy far away, where history could be a blur,

There dwelled another us, in another lifetime.

There, the heart had pined and grief had overwhelmed

When solitude and loneliness had raced.

None won; the Lord smiled.

The heart banged, the tears crystallised.

Spread out before He who sent them,

Questions flowed, unrequited.

Then one fine summer night, the air by the beach lifted;

The sea left its salt on the doorstep, and the birds peaked from their golden nests.

Transcendence had seemed intangible –

But only long, long ago, in times almost forgotten.

What now – what of this midsummer night’s dream?

The sundial beckons to the one who will listen;

Conquer the lost battle of an inertial valentine.

And then we shall laugh with our eyes and twirl in happy circles

Because a billion kilometres away, up high in the sky,

The stars are twinkling and the fairies are humming,

“And which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?”


the clockwork princess
‘The Clockwork Princess’, by Cassandra Clare


The Laws of Gravity 

Undefined, unexplained, the beat of the heart is unacclaimed.

Seconds ago, the stillness in the air was within your reach

But is now as far as it was…before.

The epiphany of the heart was long ignored,

Till existentialism remained and was all that remained.

An enigma they call the Milky Way,

Is a constellation of all that makes you –

Lost stardust, fleeting in an ocean of sunlight,

Beckoning all that is hidden within you.

The colour palate of the universe is wide

And your canvas is huge.

Defy the laws of gravity, pray, why shall we?

Long lost souls will rediscover and somewhere along the way,

You will find your Milky Way.