We have no other choice, really. Hope, it is.

10 August 2019

When we started our paediatric rotation for our final year, I was expecting to learn a lot. But things never go as planned, do they? An unexpected incident gave me the red light and I lost my pace.
The Ziauddin alumni would know what a darling the Paeds department is so that didn’t help either.

I may not have learned as much about little kids and their ailments – but I’ll get there because I want to – but I was certainly tutored in how to battle anxiety and stress and not fret over that which is beyond our control. Fretting over the scary end-of-rotation test and a gargantuan syllabus was not going to help. Neither was worrying over a future that could potentially steal the golden hours of my present. Being happy, staying happy, is a choice; I was beginning to unveil the curtains looming over my subconscious.

So like the generous August downpour greeting our dusty Karachi, I began to feel a certain level of generosity towards the concept of mindfulness and Tawakkal (unshakeable, unconditional faith in God). Let’s just say that I decided to be eternally hopeful.

The rising sun, the eclipsing seasons, each new heartbeat, each new step forward, each new advancement made to better humanity, every little baby being named something sweet – all of this is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. Not joy, not sorrows. So we must go on having hope, we must go on having faith that everything will be fine.
Yeah. Everything will be fine.

We have no other choice, really. Hope, it is.

It’s a strange place to be in as the hands of our clocks slowly tick by. There’s a whole new life lying ahead of us and there are important decisions to be taken. Like any other final-year medical student, I, too, am tired. There’s a lot on my plate and I just keep getting a bigger plate; maybe the exhaustion is waving at you from my words, maybe not. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and just enjoy the light drizzling, the melodies of summers gone by, the excitement of a promising future, and a life of purpose, and laughter, and love.

Paediatrics, thank you for teaching me that, at least! It’s all peaceful now, finally. Thank God!


Photo: Maham Noor Darabu


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