the loveliest flowers in the garden of friendship

With the advent and growing popularity of women’s groups like Soul Sisters Pakistan, Superwomen of Pakistan, the Pakistani Woman, Wow -Women of Wisdom, and Deen Sisters to name just a few, it begins to dawn on you how important healthy (I repeat, ‘healthy’) female friendships are. It’s amazing and it’s overwhelming to see what a positive impact we women can have on each other solely by giving each other some heartfelt genuine support. I think I don’t realize how incredibly lucky I myself am when it comes to my own girl gang. It’s when I’m with these brilliant, brave, talented girls that I draw the curtains back and I see myself doing all I aspire to do. We fight (oh, yes! A lot!). We laugh, we giggle. We’ll even shed a few tears and throw more than a few tantrums. We’ll feed each other, we’ll tell each other to ‘woman up’. We’ll redefine each other’s sunsets, listen to those of our songs that are still a thought, and proudly be the pillar of strength in the monuments that we’re creating. I couldn’t be grateful enough.

You know how the birds return to their home as the sun begins to set? I’ve always imagined the girlfriends gathering under the neem tree, the little hair on their crowns singing to the cool breeze as they share the tales from the day before and shed off the boulders of survival to truly live as the secrets of their little hearts are unraveled, their fears battled, their joys celebrated. And then as the stars come out and greet them fondly, they hug each other goodbye and fly off to their fragile nests.
That’s us; our female friendships.

We all have a story of our own; we’re all proud ghazis of big and small battles that have shown us who we truly are, what goodness we are capable of, and that by choosing to do what we do – love each hour of our mornings, hold the candle for each other, smile and laugh and smile – we are, indeed, the loveliest flowers in the garden of our friendships.


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