“He causes two bodies of water to flow and meet together, but between them is a barrier that they cannot surmount”

Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/gum__naam/

Look at this picture carefully. Do you see how the different shades from the colour palate are kinetic with the serenity that the minarets of the mosque seem to be exuding? Do you feel it?

The colours are hazing into each other – like love and hate, joy and grief, pain and relief; all these different emotions that have baffled the children of Adam and Eve ever since our God said, ‘Kun Faya Kun’ – and you can hear the sweet sound of the *azaan in the background, so lovingly asking you to come home. To come home.

It rather reminds you of how He, “… causes two bodies of water to flow and meet together, but between them is a barrier that they cannot surmount” (Quran 55:19-20). The two seas that meet, but, do not mix at the Gulf of Alaska.

That’s us. All of us.

We’re a little confused, us humans. But we know we want happiness. Do we, though, know where our happiness lies? Or with whom?

Sin meets repentance, but, they do not unite. Repentance meets forgiveness, and they embrace. You can breathe but not live.

Sometimes, we find ourselves dangling in between love and hate, longing and fear for all of what we think our mortal souls desire. We beg Him for guidance, and yet, our visions are perturbed by the immortal path that we’re shown. Our intelligence so easily mocks us. And our hearts so easily deceive us.

It could be a long, long journey, they tell the faithful.

We’re all travellers here, aren’t we? I await the day when my memory will become a memory.


*Azaan: Muslim call to prayer


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