a summer dream

It’s decided: one warm summer morning, we will go down to the beach and say hello to the waves. It’s going to be nice and warm. The sun will have just come up and we will stand by the sea-shore, the waves gently encircling our feet, comforting our tired heels. The rising sun will make for the perfect background; the reality of its size humbled against the pretty sea-shells on the soft sea-shore. And we would want to do it all – fly with the birds, swim with the fishes, dance with the wind, sing with our hearts. And then we will sit on the flowery picnic sheet sprawled across the sea-sand and read our books, our summer hats happily perched on our heads. Each turn of the page will come with a sip of our cool orange juice; and occasionally, we’ll look up to see the twinkling water crashing and hugging the shore before we look away – we will look away only to glance at each other with a pride that only two young women who have together waltzed through the ups and downs of this thing called life, know of; two happy friends enjoying the warmth of life, loving their summer dream.

Happy birthday, Saba!

Credits: Azib Manzoor, Exposure Photography

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