A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In a galaxy far away, where history could be a blur,

There dwelled another us, in another lifetime.

There, the heart had pined and grief had overwhelmed

When solitude and loneliness had raced.

None won; the Lord smiled.

The heart banged, the tears crystallised.

Spread out before He who sent them,

Questions flowed, unrequited.

Then one fine summer night, the air by the beach lifted;

The sea left its salt on the doorstep, and the birds peaked from their golden nests.

Transcendence had seemed intangible –

But only long, long ago, in times almost forgotten.

What now – what of this midsummer night’s dream?

The sundial beckons to the one who will listen;

Conquer the lost battle of an inertial valentine.

And then we shall laugh with our eyes and twirl in happy circles

Because a billion kilometres away, up high in the sky,

The stars are twinkling and the fairies are humming,

“And which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?”


the clockwork princess
‘The Clockwork Princess’, by Cassandra Clare



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