You lay there, oblivious of those around you. Your eyes seek your favourite son and your lips recite the names of all those you bore. Your hands caress the heads of your grandchildren and your heart misses the man you loved. Your entire being – your mind and your soul – bows down to your Lord. 

Love and strength, generosity,  and kindness. You are such a sweet, sweet picture of all that we want to be and I want to hold on to you forever. I want to whisper my secrets in your ears because I know you won’t tell anyone…because you won’t remember. And that’s when I stop, not wanting to think ahead. Is that even possible? Maybe. Love makes everything possible, doesn’t it? 


1 thought on “نانی ”

  1. You reminded me of my late grandmother. I can feel her trembling hands in mine and feel those eye which lost the sight but could peep inside my heart. I so miss her

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