“The universe is beautiful,” He said.

“The stars are beautiful,” she said.
“The moon is beautiful,” she said.
…she said…

Gazing up, I wonder
how wide is this Night and
how deep are the Stars.

Lub dub!
And I sit here, wistfully.
Will ever the night-sky be mine to share?

“Shush, let it be!”
And I feel infinity in that strange,
strange whisper.

Is there another you
on an another earth?

Living thy heart, thy soul.
A happy joy,
yearning for a home known, but unknown.

Angels and demons, again.
They do not hear, do not see.
It’s a war, again?

“The stars are beautiful,” he said.
“The moon is beautiful,” he said.
…he said…

Hope against hope,
time against time.
“Die before ye die!”

Huddled by the fire,
surrounded by stars –
the Quill and the Papyrus.

“Where is His Infinity?”
And they then glowed in the warmth of home.

When will I miss missing Him?
When will the breaths flow freely?

When nostalgia will be my Once Upon A Time…
When stardust will be mine to caress.
Softly, slowly…

And I crave an understanding that will comfort my heart,
and you crave an understanding that will be your home.
We are lost in His wilderness.

I await Your Answer.
I await Your Embrace!
Why are we so troubled? What is, I wonder, beautiful?

And then, slowly, softly,
The Knock was heard.

“The universe is beautiful,” He said.
“Your ‘lub dub’Β is beautiful,” He said.
He said.

Because He said,
we listened.
And that is when we lived, infinitely.

Like the stars, like the moon.
And that is how we found
a home within a home.





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