“I like the idea of you…”

It was cold out there, and the unsettling feeling of missing someone, something, disgruntled him.

He sought the warmth of the coffee shop because the aroma of coffee beans had a magical affect on him; like sending him to sleep. It was like living a reality too…dreamy. You just want to live it forever, don’t you? Sitting there beside the window, looking out, far away – into the past and the future – wishing, hoping that someone as crazy as you would turn up and join you in living the silence of being understood.

He walked in wistfully, and chose his favourite spot. Closing his eyes, he leaned back against the seat of the chair and wished and missed. Looking around, he sensed his lonely presence.
Coffee shops were strange places, he mused. You could sit in solitude and listen to people cry over their sorrows and pretend to look away because you don’t want to embarrass them. You could listen to people singing over good grades, job promotions, babies, marriages, and you pretend to hide the envy tugging at your heart because they remind you that you have been waiting for too long. You could eavesdrop over unshared troubles, and intelligent political debates, and judge while not judging, he chuckled.

He looked around again, hoping to catch a similar soul troubled by the volatility of its own thoughts and feelings. Disappointed, he sighed and wrapped his hands around the cylindrical plastic cup steaming with his favourite beverage.

Many a time, our imagination can be the biggest dragon in our life, he traced his thoughts on the edge of the cup.
And little did he know, that a few years later, a similar soul troubled by the intensity of her thoughts and feelings would sit right there, sipping on the same, nostalgic aroma of freshly brewed coffee and chocolate chip biscuits, thinking the same things, missing the same, and unknown to him, accompanying him to his solitude.

The Game of Destiny.



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