Fighting Patriarchy (1): Women and Financial Independence

A friend’s rather sad encounter with a display of chauvinism by an ‘educated’, ‘honorable’ man takes me back to the days when I had frustratingly penned this.

arfa masihuddin

financial independence

And the debate over whether financial independence is the key to granting women the much-disputed freedom that has been an ad nauseum topic of conversation persists. The majority of the women, especially in our part of the world, choose to remain in abusive relationships because “Hum phr kahan jayn ge..?” (Then where will we go..?)

Life changing decisions like these should not be based on something as temporary as money, but rather, on mutual respect and love. If one wants to stick by someone and beat all odds, and the ups and downs of that particular relationship, then that should be out of unconditional love, not because one is financially dependent on anyone.

Financial independence may not liberate one from a lot of incarcerations, but it does help terminate at least one of them.

Sad as it may sound, a large percentage of the female population willingly chooses to…

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