Fighting Patriarchy (3): Venus Versus Venus.

arfa masihuddin

strong women 4

The rustling of the leaves around her was playing a mellifluous tune that seemed to soothe her heart. Looking around, she tried to breathe in the beauty of the golden floor of autumn leaves, the dry, prickly, cold wind. It was beautiful. And where there is beauty, there is grief. There is something very mundane and cliche about the companionship of beauty and grief. You cannot escape it. It crosses path with you at least once in your lifetime. And the bitter truth was that her broken heart was conceived by none other than those she called her own. Instead of receiving sincere congratulations , all that had greeted the news of her eagerly anticipated motherhood were the very Asian tenebrous comments of her mother, “Beta hona chahiye taakay susraal myn position strong ho.” (It must be a boy so that your position amongst your in-laws is strengthened.)…

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3 thoughts on “Fighting Patriarchy (3): Venus Versus Venus.”

  1. postawcie żużelkowcom jeszcze jeden stadion albo nie nich trenujÄ… na stadionie GKP po zamkniÄ™ciu! żenada! Mam nadziejÄ™ że wróci to do tadka i wÅ‚adka ze zdwojonÄ… siÅ‚Ä…. PamiÄ™tajcie że naznjÅ›aiejsje gwiazdy gasnÄ……


  2. I do not know if it is me or there is a setting in Google search but now I cannot see the option of "show more results from the domain" and neither the similar pages option.Am I missing something here?Thanks in advance.


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