This Universe 

Remember how God asked us long before He created our abode that who is our Lord? And we all – humans, birds, animals – acknowledged His greatness then. We used our free will – the one He gave us and what in all ways defines us, the light that sets us apart from the angels and Satan – to swear allegiance to Him and to choose our era of Trial.
The Lord created this universe in gorgeous symmetry; for every Mars, there is a Venus. YOU are in symmetry –  those two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, the two nostrils of one nose. And these beautiful pairs of miracles create the biggest of all miracles – YOU.
The rocks, the sea, the sun, the wind – proof of the Big Bang Theory? Proof of the ‘scientific’ ‘union’ of two atoms of hydrogen with one atom of oxygen to celebrate the moisture molecule we call ‘water’?

‘What is arrogance? It is being oblivious and insensible to what is essential, as the ice is unaware of the sun. When ice becomes conscious of the sun, it doesn’t last long: it warms and melts and flows away.’

– Rumi


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