Going, Going, Gone

God breaks you through the hands of the mortal that you love the most. Humans should be like a broken pot through which the love of mortals can come and go. – Nimra Ahmed, Mus’huf

She woke up from the Dream, breathing heavily. She could feel the urgency of her pulse throbbing against the fear of reality, and as the first tear of relief fell on her warm cheeks, the weight of the Promise welcomed her to Reality.

She was running through the Maze, happily, having shed her Cape. She wasn’t extraordinarily happy, and she wasn’t uncomfortable, either. She was just there, mechanically moving through the army of people, greeting people, saying ‘thank you’.

She felt..like a stranger. She felt..undeserving. She felt..she did not want to feel anything, anymore.

“You! You!” she was being pulled into The Court by these small women. They had white faces. And they were wearing Capes…like the one she had so conveniently discarded, put aside with her conscience.


One of them whacked her hard. She fell back, struggling on her feeble feet.

“How dare you disobey Him?”

“He is Merciful!” she pleaded.
“But He gave you The Knowledge, The Wisdom, 1The Samjh Boojh, 2The Sha’oor. You were shown The Path, The Light, and you knowingly strayed away. There is no mercy for people like you!” They spat on her.

She was glued to the floor.
“You are no Great Girl!” there was sadness there.

She could feel The Boat swimming away from her. Her heart sank.
She looked around for her Cape.
She could not let the Boat go. It was sent to her, and she had been happy. She wanted to ride it, forever.

It was just a dream.

Her face was wet. She did not know if those were sweat or tears – she did not want to know; she was scared of the answer.
Her heart was in a million pieces, scattered over her mind, her soul. Internal Battles are never easy, and nor was this. But she was a fighter, and fight she must.

She looked around. She was alone. She was scared too.

“You’re lucky!” a long lost voice inside her whispered. “You’re lucky because He cares about you, He cares about you enough to listen to you even when you do not call him – you did not call him, did you? He heard you, still, because He is closer to you than your own jugular vein. He does not want you to fall in the Eternal Pit; why else would He talk to you? He loves you more than you deserve. Do not deceive yourself with the choices of this world, guard yourself, your heart, your dignity, your modesty. Not every day it is that He talks to His beings.”
The voice inside her was strange, and peacefully, silent now. It had served its purpose…for now.

And she spread out her wings, ready to fly, ready to discover His Book, His World, and, herself

  1. Understanding
  2. Awareness




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