Sometimes, your patients help you more than you help them


FMHC, Ziauddin University Hospital


“Sister, will you get me some juice?” the boy thrust a hundred rupee note towards the third year medical student.
“Juice? But there’s no canteen here. Where do I get you a juice from?”
“Son, come here. I’ll buy you a juice later,” his mother intervened.
She turned towards the amused student.
“Doctor, he is bugging me for this since morning. I’ll buy him some on our way back,” she was embarrassed.
“There’s actually no canteen here otherwise I would have bought him some,” it was her turn to be embarrassed.
The medical student got busy taking histories of the patients lined up in the waiting room of the Family Medicine Clinic. Schizophrenia, vaccinations, diarrhea; amidst the more grave pathologies of the human body, the student simply forget the little boy whose only problem seemed to be an unfulfilled craving for juice. But not for long. As she turned away from her last patient, she saw him again. This time, he was sitting with a pack of crisps and sipping on mango juice.
“Got your juice?” she smiled at him.
“Yesss!” he nodded his head with a firmness that was nothing but joyful. Simple, little joys.
His mother looked at him fondly.
The student smiled and gave him a thumbs-up.
Sometimes, your patients help you more than you help them.

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