SS : My ear hurts so bad.

AM : My voice is so bad.

SS: Guess each of us have lost at least one of our senses.

AM : Make that two. Doubt the common sense will work tomorrow during the exam. 

SS : I was assuming we were born without it.

AM : You’ve always underestimated us all. Including your silly self.

SS : Sorry.

AM : When will we reach the stage of companionable silence?

SS : When we are ready to. Would you not say we are ready?

AM : I think we are. We’re just scared of trying. Both of us. I would like to, though.

SS : So would I. When you say that I realise we, at least I, actually am a bit scared of trying.

AM : You’re scared of a lot of things?

SS: I am. Too precautionary. It dulls me. Wears me down too. It’s become second nature. Which is why I freak out when something out of the ordinary happens.

AM : Aren’t we ‘out of the ordinary’?

SS : You are. Which is why I freaked out when I met you. I don’t go around screaming people’s names in tuition. Well, not usually.

AM : Why am I out of the ordinary, S?

SS : Let’s just let the companiable silence answer that question.

AM : Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror properly?

SS: Is there something particularly on it you think I’ve missed seeing?

AM : Yes. Yes, I think you have.

SS: Be my mirror then. Tell me what I’ve failed to see.

AM : Look closely. You’ll see a pair of compassionate eyes and a kind mouth and a determined nose. You’ll see a pair of strong hands –  hands that are always ready to help the helpless. You’ll see a face with the shadows of kindness and love, mirroring a secret war seeking tranquility and self-acceptance. Hush, girl! Look closely. Feel softly. You’ll catch a diamond that is bestowed on the lucky few.

SS : AM. Maybe you need to look a little closer.

AM : SS. YOU definitely need to look a little closer.

SS : “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.”

AM : Dreams are the real maps. 

SS : If only making them come to life was easier.

AM : “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / but in ourselves that we are underlings.”

SS : Maybe it’s not our fault, but our reality.

AM : YOU are THE reality. God made you a human – the BEST of His creations. Why do you want to let Him down?

SS : Do you think I want to be this way?

AM : What I think doesn’t matter. What YOU think, what YOU do, does.

SS : I think, I want to be much more. I don’t do much about it.

AM : I KNOW you want to be much more. You were born for much more. And I’ll be applauding with possessive pride when you ARE much more because I know you WILL become much more.

SS : I’d like to make you proud.

AM : I’d like to make you proud too, you know. It’ll honor.

SS : I look forward to that day.

AM : I do too. You won’t leave, will you?

SS : As long as you like having me around.

AM : I do like having you around. More than I would like to.

SS : That’s good then. I like that it gets under your skin.

AM : Why do I annoy you?

SS : It’s beyond me.

AM : Thank you, you know?

SS : For being annoyed at you?

AM : For giving me memories that will be there when no one else will.

SS : Well..I’ll be there.

AM : Liar.

SS : So you’ve really got not much to worry about.

SS : Well let’s be honest. I can’t promise I’ll always be there. But for as along as I can, as long as there’s a ‘we’, I’ll be there.

AM : There’s going to be a ‘we’ for as long as the word ‘existence’ exists.

SS: Then there’s not much to worry about. Is there?

AM : Not at all. And we’ll go on celestial terrains together. 

SS : Maybe I don’t long for celestial terrains. Maybe just a walk in an open empty field. Somewhere where the wind blows and there is no this or that. Somewhere only we know. 

AM : Don’t you think that ‘a walk in an open empty field. Somewhere where the wind blows and there is no this or that. Somewhere only we know’  IS celestial? God created all of this – in what, seven days? 

SS : Well. If you think about it, I guess one of the definitions of celestial is heavenly. So. 

AM : He created the vendor you see everyday while coming to school. He created the guy in the big Mercedes, the one who buys the packet of tissue papers from that vendor, everyday,  just to encourage the man to work and not beg. See. God is everywhere. His Heaven is everywhere. We just need to look closely. 

SS : Every bit of dust and gust of wind and every bit of sunshine that falls on your face.

AM : Every joy that shines on your face and every ounce of kindness in your blood.

SS : You’re right. It is. I didn’t think of it that way.

AM : I just realised that we’re getting too deep.

SS : Nah. We’ve just started to brush the surface.

AM : I guess we should get back to ‘Robbins’.. 

SS : Thanks for the reminder..?

AM : To you too.. 

And the two friends had gulped down the elixir of friendship long, long ago. 


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