“Why can’t this be our forever?” she whispered.

“This is our forever. We’re growing old together, remember?” she whispered back.

“But you get tired of me.”

“I always come back, don’t I?”

“Can’t stay away for long, hun?”

“Shut up, will you?” That smirk was the best.

“I was wondering…”


“We utter eccentricities together. Our volatility is dangerous. We’re the same species”.

“I’m glad to have you around.”


“Doing that always”.

“We’ll make it to the stars”.

“At this rate? Pfftt. We need to pass the next exam first. Decently”.

“We’ll do it”.

“I see all these great people doing all these great things and I wonder if even my dust will get closer to achieving all of that”.

“We worry too much. That’s the problem. We fret over the possibilities of the seemingly impossible, and we are so devoid of faith and self-confidence that it makes me want to smack your face”.

“You’re insane”.

“We’re insane”.

“That’s why we’re here – gazing at the stars dusted across the black canvas, trying to read our destiny, crafting our future selves.”

“Such profundity!”

“How’s the heart?”

“How do you think it is?”

“I think it’s hale and hearty like nothing ever happened.”

“Awww. Why did you ask if you already knew?”

“I wanted you to hear yourself saying it.”

She laughed with twinkling eyes. “I’m happy. God’s with me. He has led me to you through a miracle, and you know that. I’ve told you that story so many times – during Dr. T’s class, our chai sessions, our Samsung-struck conversations. It was meant to be, we were meant to be. I just wish it hadn’t happened this way – not for my sake, but for those who love me. And how would have I stumbled across you and the others if it hadn’t been for Divine intervention?”

“Yes. We’ve been through the difficult terrains that guide friendships towards eternity and infinity. Fights, and laughter, and trust, and love have shaped us comfortably, and no autumn can deter our spring.”

“You speak what I think. And no one can understand our language”.

” That’s why we’re growing old together”.

“To infinities and beyond?”

“Beyond the magic of the universe, beyond the realm of fragile human understanding, beyond the greatness of the mountains, beyond the depth of the oceans, beyond the worth of pearls”.

And the two happy girls continued to gaze at the stars, amazed, mystified.


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