Tell Me Why.

tell me why 2

“Silence is for fools. Communication is for leaders. Justice is for those brave enough to not stand another moment dealing with people that feel the solution to any problem is through cold indifference because of their lack of courage and insecurities.”
– Shannon L. Alder

It’s been a long journey of trying to grasp the mechanics of twisted human minds that put up facades of decency that celebrate injustice, cruelty and  immorality. What amazes me is that instead of expressing your repugnance for the inhumanity contaminating us, we choose to befriend silence. It is easier to pretend that a problem does not exist, isn’t it?
Hate it, but do not kill it. Whine about it, but do not solve it. That’s us.

But tell me now.
Tell me why you do not feel comfortable protesting against injustice.
Tell me why you do not feel comfortable standing up for your rights.
Tell me why media depictions of suffering in silence and accepting oppression does not unnerve you.
Tell me why giving up your rights is glorified.

Tell me why.

Tell me why you are comfortable with ‘entertaining obscenities’?
Tell me why your eardrums relish the lyrics of salacious songs.
Tell me why bawdiness in movies does not turn you away.
Tell me why you are comfortable hurling abuses at beggars in front of your children.
Tell me why you are comfortable spending ‘family time’ while watching shows where obsessive behavior and stalking is legitimized in the name of genuine love and care.


Tell me why.

Tell me why you like watching shows that have no content except mindless family politics.
Tell me why you enjoy shows that condescend women as objects to be played around with.
Tell me why you produce shows where a man’s worth is determined by the weight of his pocket.
Tell me why you watch shows that propagate the breakdown of family values.
Tell me why an ambitious woman is looked down upon.

Tell me why.

Tell me why you can’t teach your child to recognize, condemn and protect themselves from abuse and molestation.
Tell me why you can’t teach your child how to be brave and strong.
Tell me why you don’t feel ashamed while bribing people to legalize the illegal.
Tell me why you complain about ‘the system’ when you are only going to tie your hands with ” it’s not going to make a difference.”

Tell me why your concepts of morality are so shady.
Tell me why your hypocrisy is only multiplying.
Tell me why your sense of justice is vanishing.

Tell me why.

“He said, moreover, “Teach those who are ignorant as many things as possible; society is culpable, in that it does not afford instruction gratis; it is responsible for the night which it produces. This soul is full of shadow; sin is therein committed. The guilty one is not the person who has committed the sin, but the person who has created the shadow.”
                                                                                                                – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables




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