Of Men And Household Chores.

househo;ld chores

Dear Some Lazy Men,

Throughout our lives, we have witnessed numerous instances of girls being told to serve food to their brothers. But never have we had the rare pleasure of witnessing a brother serve his sister.

Throughout our lives, we have seen women toiling away in front of the stove, mastering the art of making ‘gol rotis’ and the perfect biryani, only to win your hearts. Because “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. But never have we had the rare pleasure of witnessing a husband cook for his wife.

Throughout our lives, we have observed women whole-heartedly looking after the entire household, cleaning, cooking, doing all of those little chores that YOU are just lazy to do. But never have we had the rare pleasure of watching you help her wash the plate that YOU ate in, or stack away the newspapers that YOU read.

No, please don’t try to rationalize your behavior by saying that “ It is their job, their responsibility”.  Tell us, dear men, if it is their job, their responsibility, then it is also YOUR job and YOUR responsibility to care for them, to spend time with them.

Why is it so easy for the male ego to forget that a home is made a home by the efforts of two individuals sworn as one, and not just the woman? Spare me the line “Don’t poison our relationship by fostering unrealistic expectations”. Unrealistic expectations,  dear men? Since when did the idea of companionship and compassion become “unrealistic”?

You complain that we are always too busy with the household chores to spend time with you on weekends. Then how about YOU trying to work this out by offering to do the dishes together? Or the laundry? Or cleaning up the mess in the living room? Isn’t doing things together supposed to nourish the relationship? Just like going on a vacation? Or for a movie?

Tell me this. Why do always expect your mother to iron your clothes? To clean the mess that is your room? Why? She gave birth to a healthy son, with two arms and two legs, didn’t she?

Dear men,
We, women, fail to understand why you consider yourself to be the superior sex when you cannot even do your own chores.
We fail to understand why your ego has huge, fragile dimensions when it is, in fact, YOU who are dependent on us in every sense of the world.
We fail to understand what it is that keeps you from showing an ounce of consideration and compassion when you consider us to be an inexhaustible source of the same.

And to the men who already do that?
You have every right to be proud of yourself. You have earned the respect of your mother, sister, wife, and daughter, and you have set a laudable example for your son. You have broken stereotypes, and you have the eye and the heart to see beyond that tired smile that adorns her face.

Dear men,
This world is not made of YOU. It is made of US.
When you are mature enough to realize that, when you are brave enough to accept that when you are responsible enough to make amends, then will the fragrance be for the world to celebrate.

The ever optimistic,
Tired Women.


2 thoughts on “Of Men And Household Chores.

  1. If I cooked and cleaned and did my own laundry, why do need a wife? Why keep a dog and bark yourself. Oh another important reason to have a wife, without wife I would have no one to beat up, I am too scared to fight other people, but wife I can give her a good kicking, Yeh she will curse and cry, what choice she has but to be a punching bag for my pleasure. If I didn’t rule my house like this everyone will make a laughing stock out of me. To be respected in my society, wife beating is a must, if you can’t bully a defence less woman then you are not a man. Women are born for this purpose, and they like being hurt. If you don’t harm them they will think you are a coward, and they will disobey. So first day of your marriage give her a good thrashing, she will respect you for it.
    Sadly this is true mentality all over Muslim world, we have gone so far away from Allah’s commands, even kuffar will need cultural rocket ships to catch up with us in how awful we are to our mothers sisters and daughters.

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