Jingle Bells.

jingle bells


The chirping of the birds that greets the warmth of the sunrise is a welcome reminder of another new day of hope, joy and new aspirations.

Life throws bullets of disappointments, unfulfilled expectations, and stifling griefs at everyone. Some falter early on. Others hold their head up. And very few get tired of proving their strength. In midst of all this, you suffer. You injure relationships. You break hearts. But what also matters is how you make amends. And that you must do.

Picking yourself up is hard. Guaranteed. You expect your friends to flock around you at all times. And they will be there, supporting you, loving you. But they too are humans like you. They too falter. They too shed tears. They too heal. Its the very thing that makes them humans. The only difference is in the coping mechanism that we all function well with. Each to his own, always. But what is worth remembering, is the undeniable fact that alone we arrive, and alone we shall return.

Financial independence is the craving of every mortal called human. Emotional independence is as alien as it can be. As social animals, we take pride in reaching out to people and deriving emotional support. But a point will come  where you will exhaust these sources, where you yourself will have unconciously cut off the thread that held you. And then, it is YOU that you turn to, admitting defeat in the face of inhumane expectations that render cruelty on those you hold dear.

We arrive alone, and alone we shall return.

Life is a magnificent blessing that we must prize.

The beauty of the blossoming flowers around you reflects the beauty within you. The curves of the petals mirror your emotions. The colors of the flowers are a speculum of  your joys and achievements.

The tickling of the cool breeze is your reminder to freedom. Fly away, oi! Soar amongst the clouds. Reach out for the stars. The world is yours to discover, yours to claim.

The crystal clear water swimming in the seas is your elixir of life. Gulp it down. Gurrp, gurrp, gurrp.

Hills and rivers, mountains and seas, meadows and deserts, snow and stones ; Nature’s creations.

You are one of them.

Go perform a crazy feat. Relive the innocence of your childhood by whistling your favourite nursery rhyme. Experiment with the pots and pans and the contents of your refrigerator. Dance to the craziest tune out there. But most importantly, smile and laugh. Laugh till you can’t breathe. Breathe till you fill every cell of your body with the purity of goodness. You deserve to live, so live. Live with your penache.

You are you. And you deserve to celebrate your etherealness. Let that be your Guardian Angel.

Life is wonderful, no? I can hear a delightful ‘yes’ amongst the jingle bells of joy.



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