Her Fireflies.




Lost in the blinding darkness,
She panicked to seek herself,
Only to realize that she was lost forever.
What she was, she was no more.
A hundred and one reasons to disguise herself,
And yet, none with an appeal that would silence her fears.
She wanted to grow like a seedling that thrives on the unavoidable.
She did not want to slay herself with the sword of ignorance, of callousness.

But what had happened?
Surely, this was not unappealing.
The sparkling eyes of happiness around her,
The silent glances of envy,
The flattering obeisance,
The inebriety of it all,
It was but a galvanic squall.

Had she not deserved to be eulogized before this unseen advent?
Had her foibles scared away what was so dear to her..?
Was she a monochromatic juggernaut?

She was not, she told herself.
Epitomize  unfaltering strength in the face of loss,
Wreath your  unconditional love and care,
Celebrate yourself,
She whispered to herself under the solace of the stars.

Sing your aria with magnificent confidence,
Pluck your flowers without agonizing uncertainties,
Relish those who are willingly and eternally yours,
She told herself under the blazing light of dawn.

“You, in all your forms – disheveled, proper, tired, exhilarated – are beautiful.
We all make mistakes, this; but this; every tribulation brings with itself relief.

No caution, sincerity, commitment, call it what you may,can save you of lessons life is bent on teaching you.
Everything takes its own sweet time.
Take a back seat and watch as the circus unfolds before you. ”
Hugging her with a scent that overshadowed her demons, her Flowers and her Parabatai told her.

She was not what she was.
She was better.
Is that not what everyone desires?

And she was in awe of herself.
And she was scared of herself.
And she found herself tangled in the web of yearning for the unknown.

Hide and seek with the stinging pain was exhausting.
Walking hand in hand with cruel honesty was arduous.
Whoever said life is easy?

It is not all black and white.
She had seen a few shades.
She would enjoy more.

She was learning to infuse humble pride in the way she was.
She was punctuating her ambitions with what she had forever ignored…herself.
She was painting a picture that she had deemed inconceivable.

The dark nights would continue to adorn the sky.
The brightness of the Sun would forever lit up the skies.
And with mystical joy, she would continue to catch her fireflies.


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