When Humanity Becomes History….

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It has been ten days. And every eye still has tears. And every heart is still aching.

How CAN anyone slaughter innocent children? Innocent angels who had not even embraced their youth..those ambitious minds that wanted to reach out to the sky, and make impossible possible…
How CAN anyone slaughter the very people who were responsible for educating the future of our country? That too in front of those innocent souls, preparing them for their own death.
How CAN anyone raise the slogan of “ Allah-o-Akbar” (God is Great) before barbarically massacring Allah’s own creations?
How CAN anyone actually praise God before killing angels; innocent angels who were not even old enough to tell right from wrong?
How CAN anyone actually testify to His greatness before ruthlessly setting those beings on fire who were moulding the future of our country?
How CAN anyone praise God before brutally killing little children?

I fail to answer that question.

They are not Muslims. They are not Christians. They are not Hindus.

They are not even humans.

They are a competition to the Devil itself. In fact, even the Devil does not lurk near innocent children. Even the Devil forgives them for sins yet to be committed.

This heart-wrenching act was committed by creatures from another planet.

This is not about Islam. This is not about religion. This is not about trying to paralyse the education sector. This isn’t even about retaliation to the Operation Zarb-e-Azab. This is about humanity.

This is about the humanity that has now become history.

Yes, humanity is now history.

When angelic souls are barbarically killed, humanity becomes history.
When innocent, helpless children are used as means of retaliation, humanity becomes history.
When such national tragedies are allowed to happen due to major security lapses, humanity becomes history.
When mothers lose a part of themselves to monsters who do not think twice before murdering their children, humanity becomes history.
When fathers have to suppress their tears and put up a weak façade of strength while burying those little bodies that they had once cradled in their strong arms, humanity becomes history.                             When a child has to stuff his tie in his mouth to suppress his frightened shrieks while witnessing the wild slaughter of his friends in front of his own eyes, humanity becomes history.

The fact that today the entire nation, in fact, the entire world, stands united to face this calamity, the fact that our political ‘leaders’ have decided to turn ‘oblivious’ to their differences, the fact that we are all deeply shaken, the fact that we are all struck with the kind of grief that only deepens with time, does nothing, nothing at all to restore my faith in humanity.

You are very welcome to call me a pessimist.

But, really, does it take more than a hundered innocent, young lives to be terrorized before being savagely massacred in front of each other, to awaken the ‘humanity’ within us?

The worst is often said to bring out the best in us.
Really? Really?

When ‘the worst’ is the blood of the once cherubic souls that dreamt of seeing the ‘wonders’ of this world, when ‘the worst’ is the dead body of a child who had yet to bid goodbye to the innocence of childhood, when ‘the worst’ is the coffin of a fourteen year old who had just started enjoying the adventurous breeze of teenage, then I do not want ‘the best’ in us to be revealed.

I do not want ‘the best’ in us to be revealed.

We are all in grief. We are all infuriated. Yet, what are we doing? What can we do after all?

Talk shows and verbal condemnations? Thank you very much.

There were blood donations needed. How many of us actually gave our blood to save those who saw the blood of their fellow beings being spilled like water?

We need to eradicate this plague from the world.

Educate your children to spell ‘actions speak louder than words’, so that they act to kill this menace by befriending courage and determination forever; so that they empower themselves to empower the rest their countrymen to swim in success, so that they frame human life – human life alone, regardless of religion and sect – as sacred.

And finally, pray.

Pray not for the forgiveness of those traumatized, angelic souls, but rather, for their families to combat this agonizing loss with infinite courage and patience, for what sins could these little children have possibly committed?
Pray that the injured children regain their health and defeat the murderers of their friends in every way possible.
Pray that the sixteenth of December, 2014, turns out to be the last of such bleak days in the history of our country.
Pray that those bestial predators who have barbarically tortured the apples of so many eyes, suffer unmitigated pain before meeting their end so that they too experience what they have so mercilessly inflicted upon others.
Pray that the nation stands undettered in its resolution to turn blind to all religious, sectarian and political differences to combat the traumatizing threats that are slowly and painfully extinguishing the sparkle from ordinary households.

Get up and do something.
Keep your eyes and ears open, and walk with enough courage to point out any suspicious persons and/or activities.
Cooperate with security personnels and abide by the laws.
If you are employed in any law enforcement agency, then do your job, armed with sincerity and honour.
Establish more educational institutions. Not to turn out a laudable number of ‘literates’ every year, but, to gift to this shackled society educated individuals who will not stop their children from joining the army, who will question the questionable standards and morals of our society, who will hold human life sacred, and who will think beyond religious, political and personal agendas.

Don’t let this incident go down in history books only for the number of casualties, the date of the incident and its political repercussions to be memorized by the future generations.
Don’t let this incident fade away from your memory. Let it remind you of the screams of those children as they were mercilessly slain.
Let it remind you of the blood stained walls of that unfortunate building.
Let it remind you that humanity is, indeed, history.


2 thoughts on “When Humanity Becomes History….”

  1. This incident helped me understand the narration when the angels collectively exclaimed at the creation of Man that this creature would fill the world with blood. Divinity responded “I know, what you don’t.”


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