Why are the oceans so deep?

Why is the sky so high?

Why are we all born?

Nothing ever happens without a reason.

If the sun rises, it is the call to a new day, a new beginning; a call to another day of hardwork or a new day with new beginnings, and new opportunities.

If the sun sets, it is to echo the end of all things, good and bad, and of life. All good things come to an end. So do all bad things.

If a person dies, or rather, when a person dies, then it may be because they are no longer needed in this world. Crude. And also true. As perplexing as life is, it steers you towards the Unanswerable; the question that questions our very existence. Why were we even born? God created us. But why? He could have chosen not to. If each and every one of us is here for a reason; if a child was sent to this world because he or she would grow up to be a doctor and heal humanity, or an engineer who would improve the lifestyle of others, or a teacher carrying the beacon of education, or a janitor cleaning away the sewerage of those who would never drink in the same cup as them, or a servant who is often ridiculed because his only fault is that he is paid for his services, then why were cocottes born? To satisfy the concupiscence of filthy souls? To aver that money is God to humanity? To reverberate that man is, indeed, in bondage to his own desires? To enunciate the status of a human as equal to that of an animal who has no control whatsoever over his desires? Why were criminals born? To epitomize the repurcussions of going against the laws and to keep the other Homosapiens in check? Why were murderers born? To be the means of ending another human’s life? Why was that man born? The one whom we pass by every single day, and always…always find him in the same state of helplessness; his dirt clad attire and odour shielding him from the empathy of his fellow beings, his hands sprawled in front of the world in hopes of gaining something? Why was he born? To remind us of our blessings, and the harsh realities of life, the pain and anguish that accompanies poverty and the realization of one’s insignificance in this world?

We live in a society that is intolerant to aberrancy. Right and wrong are black and white. Our choices are not governed by our hearts or our happiness, but by the fallible standards and expectations of the human bodies that inhabit our surroundings. For how long will this continue? For as long as we continue to enjoy our present state of blindness. We will talk about change, but that is all we will do.

And the Sun continues to rise and then set everyday, and the waves of the oceans will merge into each other , and will then splash across the shore. And deep down in the ocean, pearls will continue to shine.


1 thought on “Why?”

  1. My Dear Arfa, Good that You found that the Answer to ‘Why’ is Not so Easy. Also Good that You create a Call for Action against the Blindness of Society and Us, Human Beings. Keep at it! Regards. 🙂

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