The World As It is

The World As It Is

The World was a cage.
Is a cage.
That bounds the soul into shackles of norms.
What norms, you ask?
Norms that incarcerate the soul,
Freeze it,
Replenish it.
The world is cruel.
It moulds innocent preys into viscious predators.
The magnanimous preys.
The bestial predators.
The world sheds useless sympathy over the preys.
The world showers verbal swords at the predators.
It does nothing to mitigate the pain of the victim.
It does nothing to chain the tempestuous predator.
Cacophony perimeters their lives.
Their elegies go unheard.
Their pain goes unnoticed.
They shrink into oblivion.
And the world is guilty of another crime,
Guilty of sucking out the life from a living, breathing soul.
The world is an epitome of recalcitrance,
Of paradoxes.
It plays the spectator ions in reactions that catalyse the obliteration of life.
It is a funny place to dwell in.
It is a simple puzzle,
With a complicated solution.
The world is an obstreperous den.
To please the world is impossible,
To please thy own self is impossible.
Living your life is strenuous.
Breathing is facile.
Because the world was a cage,
Is a cage,
Will remain a cage,
Always and forever.


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