Spreading Hope – The Indus Hospital


The Indus Hospital
The Indus Hospital


Karachi is a strange city. It is a canvas with many colours spilled over it, both bright and dark. In fact, every colour has it’s own shades. And these colours are emblematic of the people who inhabit this city. Good and bad co-exist; that is another one of Nature’s undeniable laws. Where there are people who do not think twice before stealing away the life out of a living, breathing body and incinerating the euphoria out of ordinary households, then there are also those who have dedicated their lives to ease the pain of several thousand distressed souls, to haul them back onto the ship of life and to turn their whispers into cries of joys, and such people have the founders of the Indus Hospital mirroring their passion.

Located in the hub of Karachi’s industrial area, Korangi, the Indus Hospital is a living testimony to a doctor’s mantra.

Established in 2007, the Indus Hospital is a hospital that provides quality health care services to several thousand patients, absolutely free of cost. Be it the hardworking, crushed, lower class, the bourgeoisie or the wealthy upper-class, for Indus, you are just another one of their patients. They are blind to your social class and believe in providing everyone, irrespective of class and creed, quality medical treatment.

Since it’s birth in July 2007, the Indus Hospital has performed 1,783 heart surgeries, 1,0972 orthopedic surgeries, and 9,632 general surgeries, and has provided over 1.4 million patients with FREE OF COST medical treatment. And that is surely commendable.

The brainchild of Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Indus Hospital, the hospital seeks to reach its pinnacle and set new dimensions for doctors and patients alike.

One wonders why the founders chose the name “Indus”. Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, an epitome of dedication and sincerity; qualities that go hand in hand with this sacred profession; explains very well, “We wanted to keep a non-controversial name for an organization, a place that catered to the whole of Pakistan. This name brings us very close to our motherland and we realized that it instills in us the feeling of giving back to our society.”

With Mr Hafiz Ferozuddin as the Indus Hospital’s Chairman, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan the CEO, Mr. Abdul Hameed Paracha, Mr. Khalid Khanani, Mr. Adnan Asdar Ali, Mr. Naveed Anwar, Mr. Younus Hashim Bengali, Mr. Muhammad Siddique Sheikh and Mr. Tariq Shafi as the directors, and Dr. Zafar as the Medical Director, and a large team of dedicated, experienced doctors and philanthropists, the Hospital is all striving hard to overcome all obstacles and ensure that health and happiness swear allegiance to the Pakistani nation.

Batool Iqtidar, a passionate volunteer, very eloquently gives voice to her feelings, “Everyday I go home, I start telling tales which glorify the hospital. I feel as if there is a need to do that since now Indus Hospital has become a part of me. I may not work here permanently but there will always be a part of me that is loyal to the Hospital and hopes that it does well.”

Aleena Khan, another young volunteer who has been coming to Indus since its inception, says, “Indus Hospital was my father’s (Dr. Abdul Bari Khan) dream come true. Anything related to the hospital’s success would make him as happy as he was when his own children took their first step or uttered their first words! Working at Indus as a volunteer is always a pleasure. All in all, Indus is home. I hope Indus is able to achieve its motto and serve not only Karachi, but the whole of Pakistan as well, and for this to come true, I request everyone to come forward and offer their help in any way possible.”

While it may not be everything, it is something. And in today’s fast-paced world, when personal interests are prioritized and the general well-being of all people, in general, has taken a backseat, every effort counts and is laudable. And the Indus Hospital is doing just that.

Anas, famous as the “Indus Kid” in the pediatric ward, has been with the Indus Hospital since his birth. The child, who is as old as Indus itself, was incapable of walking, and now, has walked out of the hospital on his own two feet, smiling and laughing, all set to conquer the world!

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, director of the Oscar-winning documentary “Saving Face”, filmed part of her documentary at the Indus Hospital; the plastic surgery of the acid victim was conducted at the Indus Hospital itself, and needless to say, free of cost.

Hope. This one word can wrestle with the impossible, scare off the demeaning, drowning sense of helplessness and loss, and can infuse the soul with incomparable, undefeatable energy that can fight off the most depressing winds and can shatter the cocoon of self-pity and despair that very conveniently envelops us. The Indus Hospital is spreading this hope. And if you want to be another, proud ambassador of this hope, then there are several ways you can do so.
Your donations and zakat can be the source of health and happiness of several thousand ailing souls. For more information, you can log onto http://indushospital.org.pk.
USA donors – http://www.friendsofindushospital.com/how_to_donate 
UK donors – http://www.pentaid.org/Donate.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson was a wise man. Was he not?


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10 thoughts on “Spreading Hope – The Indus Hospital”

  1. Thank you for writing this piece – there is so much out there about what is wrong with Pakistan that I think everyone forgets the many many things that are right with Pakistan


  2. Thanks very much for sharing this fabulous piece of writeup about such as great organization, The Indus Hospital. It’s really a great initiative of Mr. Abdul Bari Khan. May Allah (Swt) strengthen him and his team to take Indus to the next level of excellence.


  3. Thank you for sharing this…I too believe the purpose in life is to first have compassion and make a difference in your community, however little, the goodness can spread…imagine a virus called “kindness” that can spread…how that would be nice. Whispering Insights


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