Because Optimism Helps…

because optimism helps 1
Whether its news headlines that announce that the stock-market has gone down by a hundered points, or that scientists have warned industrialists to limit the use of greenhouse gases, or disturbing ones that report how many people were killed in a certain terrorist activity; optimisim has been made a figment. Either one can adopt a merciless lack of empathy and just carry on as if nothing has happened, or sit at home and mourn and be a pessimist. Reality check : these two are not the only options available. If you want to retain your sanity, and both your body and soul, then it is time you bring about a 360 degree rotation on your outlook of life.

If we are tired of all the “terrorism” that is infesting our country, then is it not making us cherish the idea of “peace” even more? The presence of any “bad” element adds to the “good” element. If it was not for all the unhappiness in the world, then euphoria would have been a foreign idea. Hence, if 60% of the population are tax thiefs, then the remaining 40 % are law abiding citizens. Looking at the good side of the picture will make life a lot easier.

Mistrust. This word can sometimes be the root of all evils. If someone is offering you a helping hand, it is not necessary that he/she has some ulterior motive beneath it. Prevention is better than cure, agreed. However, this growing trend of “national mistrust” is seeping the very life out of our society, weakening relationships.

Times change. If you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it does not mean that you cannot die with one! Even the greatest of all scientists have not yet discovered a substitute for hardwork, nor are they ever likely to. Full points to Shakespeare for having Cassius say “ The fault, dear Brutus/ Is not in our stars, but in ourselves/ That we are underlings.” Bid goodbye to the blame game. You are the one in charge. Put an end to all your mournings about how the neighbour has a better car, a better house and a better job than yourself. The formula for change and prosperity awaits you.

Sitting within the confines of your living room and complaining how the economy will soon meet its Waterloo, is not going to solve your problems. Or the country’s, for that matter. You are an adult, and it does not suit you to act otherwise. Even if the least you can do is go and genuinely volunteer at the countless Non- Profit Organizations that are there, then do it! There are several hospitals out there that can train you to serve the needs of those in distress.

For those who have retired from the work force, here is a chance to be productive and help mitigate the unnerving feelings of helplessness that is bound to invade you. If you were a teacher, then look around. There are several young kids out there who could be better off at studying rather than being pick-pockets. If its pollution that distresses you, then grab a spade and a few seedlings and make the city beautiful by planting trees. If you have a penchant for cooking simple meals that are budget-friendly, then go ahead and feed the several hundered hungry souls out there who toil away in the day time only to go to bed hungry. This may not be much but every drop counts.

Research has shown that optimists tend to live longer than pessimists. Pessimism catalyses the deterioration of your mental health. And besides, pessimists are generally dispised by their peers, and that, is certainly not a very good feeling.

Stress boosts hypertension. And hypertension is the root cause of coronary problems and strokes. Men who dwell in a constant state of stress develop hypertension early in life, and with all the other problems that are harassing our nerves, we do not want another one on our minds. Even women who burden themselves with unnecessary strain related to housework, child rearing, marriage or career, can face severe consequences in the face of hormonal imbalances.

Old is gold. Rise early. Exercise regularly. There is nothing like a good Stephen Covey book, if that is our cup of tea. Count your blessings.

After every sunset, a beautiful sunrise awaits us. Things never remain the same, irrespective of the magnitude of its inertia. Infact, as I read somewhere, every child that is born into this world, is a living testimony to the fact that God has not lost hope in future generations, so why have we? Hope gives wings to our dreams, life to a dying soul. If we realize just that, then all our problems will fly out of the window. At the end of the day, it is merely a matter of perspective. And of time.

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