The Inner You

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the inner you-image
Under-confidence is not a foreign feeling. At one point or the other of our lives, we all go through it. And surely, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

“ I feel so low today! My friends joked about my new glasses…..are they really that bad?”

“I don’t know a single thing in Physics! What am I gonna do?”

“Do you think everyone would think of me as a fool if I put forward my opinion? You know….I don’t wanna be the odd one out!”

Sounds way too familiar, doesn’t it?

Indubitably, teenage is considered to be the most important seven years of any individual’s life. It is that phase of our life when we are expected to act responsibly like an adult, but are not allowed to abandon childhood altogether. Confusing, right? That defines teenage.

However, while experimenting with the latest fashion, juggling your time between studies and friends and trying to wrestle with your raging hormones, it is peremptory to arm yourself with confidence and explore the inner you. Otherwise, life could end up treating you badly. And that sure is a daunting feeling.

The teenage mantra spells “impossible” as “I (a)m possible”, and it is a fact universally acknowledged that teenagers are second to none when it comes to determination.

Therefore, it is time to re-instill in yourself your lost glory. Below are a few tips on the road to the confident “you”, so read on for just that.

Follow Your Heart
If you choose to dye your hair orange, red or purple, do so by all means. After all, teenage is synonymous to fun and adventures. If you really want to be happy and not subject yourself to the unnerving feelings of sadness, then it is time to ignore what others are saying and follow the call of your heart. You will not regret it, I promise.

Even The Fingerprints of Twins Are Not Same
No two individuals can share exactly the same likes and dislikes. You are different, and this, is a sure call for celebration. Glow in your individuality, and be proud of it. You are special. Remember, you only have to treat yourself in a special way, the rest will take care of itself.

Count Your Blessings
For the ever-complaining ones, you may release your breath. Yes, you may not have a size zero figure or the latest ipad or a new car or the latest Blackberry version (if that is what you really want), but you have countless other blessings. It may be good brains, art skills that make others “ooh” and “aahh”, a strong body that makes you the object of envy of every aspiring athlete, a gift of the gab that is every public-speaker’s dream, or even a pair of mesmerizing eyes! God is not iniquitious, no matter how much we deign Him to be.

Parents Are Humans Too, You Know!
They may harangue you over how messed up your room is (or your life, for that matter!) and how the neighbour’s son got better grades than you did, but at the end of the day, they happen to be your parents. They love you and care for you and their advice and guidance can do a world of good to you. If you are ever unsure of how to handle your constantly nagging friend, or your incessant worries about the pimples that keep popping up on your face, making it look like the surface of the moon, then do not think twice before rushing to solicit their help. Reality check: they went through the same phases as you, and can relate to all your predicaments.

Explore Your Soul
No, you are not being asked to meditate like Buddha, but do discover your passions and your deepest desires. If its writing that you have a penchant for, or science fascinates you, or the corporate world catches your fancy, do not hesitate to acknowledge it. Know thyself. Recognise your talents and desires and work hard to live your dreams. This realization will work wonders for you; inculcating a strong sense of confidence in yourself.

So, if you want to live these seven years of your life to their fullest, and flaunt your panache and emerge as a successful individual at the end of this long journey, then do not forget to chew upon the afore mentioned words of advice.

You are special, because you are God’s creation, and you have the ultimate right to your happiness. Be confident of who you are, and refrain from squandering your precious time and energy over the irrational comments of people whose opinions should not matter to you. The final product will be a happier and confident you. Rest assured.


6 thoughts on “The Inner You”

  1. Seriously I also loved the fact how u mentioned several ideas of being thankful to Allah. May HE grant us tranquility and contentment in our lives & we should realize how blessed we are !!!
    Love your vocab sweety, you’re a genius !!! U wrote it extremely well MashaAllah !! Great job done 👍


  2. “If you choose to dye your hair… purple, do so by all means.”
    Heh, sounds like a certain Ma’am Shahzadi’s speech at school right before the summer vacation. 🙂


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