The Call of The Heart

monologue blog
( Samuel, the monologuist, silently closes the door of the library as he enters it. He walks towards his father, who is seated on a rocking chair near the fireplace. )

“ You called me, Dad?
Yeah, Mom told me.…..I guess you want to ask me when I plan to join the business?
You know something, Dad? I feel like a complete loser, a complete loser. If I don’t come upto your expectations, then I won’t be good son……and if I do, then I won’t be my own self… You know, I want to be a cold-blooded animal, so that when the temperature of my surroundings becomes unbearable for me, I can opt for hibernation. That would be cool, eh? Back in school, when I was a kid bored by history, I remember pondering over Voltaire, ‘Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains .‘ Come to think of it, he was right. Isn’t that easily the story of my life?
Dad, you are good at business……it comes naturally to you, I guess. It’s your passion. It is something you love doing, as evident from your highly successful enterprises. Business just doesn’t tire you. You are lucky, I guess.
I am sorry, Dad. I know I am not the kind of son you wanted, but……..can I help it? No, I can’t. I can’t fight God for how He has made. I have tried, but I fail every time.
You have known it for years, too, haven’t you? You know writing is my first love, my passion…..just like business is yours! It’s a part of me…….!
You have always said that you will never impose your wishes upon me…….so why now? Why do you have to pretend that your son is fully capable of following in your footsteps when you fully well know that it is anything but the truth!
I just don’t want to make life difficult…..for both of us!
You know how I feel when I am writing? It is as if a hungry man is given food, as if a bird is released from the cage. It makes me feel alive. It makes me happy……so why not do what gives me ultimate joy? Make a living out of what I love? That is what you did…and now see where you are… successful you are! And Dad, I will follow in your footsteps……I will do what my heart says, what I love….and be the best at it, just like you.”

Dreams are treasures. Life is precious.


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