Teens,Are You Ready To Give Stress To Stress?

“ Mom ! I can’t find my Chemistry book! Where on earth did you keep it?”

“I feel so miserable! My best friend, Sara, is avoiding me…….I mean, I just don’t get her!”

“Have you seen that new girl? She is contesting me for the Class Representative’s position! She doesn’t stand a chance, does she….?”

I am sure you can relate to the above mentioned scenario. After all, they are now everyday scenes of our lives, aren’t they?

Teenage is supposed to be one of the most important periods of any individual’s personality. It consists of the most memorable experiences and events that model an individual’s character. Studies, exams, friend issues, health consciousness, all weigh down an average teenager.

Research has proved that an individual suffers from depression and stress issues, the most during his/her teenage years. Since these years are also the most formative ones, an overdose of stress can be suicidal.

Hence, it is peremptory that it should be dealt with responsibly, if we want to grow up into sensible and responsible adults. After all, nobody wants to be labeled as “an irresponsible, confused and dysfunctional teenager” for what could be the most enjoyable, seven years of your life.

Since time immemorial, balance has been the key word. And very rightly so. Here are a few tips that may help you give stress to stress!


Read “Do not procrastinate”. You have an assignment that needs to be submitted next week? Do it now. Research, and make a rough draft before hand and complete it as soon as possible if you want to watch “How I Met Your Mother”, with an easy conscience and without spurting your adrenaline.


If you want your eyes to hurt like anything and turn red, thanks to all that time you had squandered in front of the computer screen, then you may ignore this one. Gardening, reading, collecting rare artefacts, painting, photography and even cooking can be excellent ways to reduce stress. For aspiring young writers, filling in journals, with their creativity flowing out from their pens, is a good idea.


For the rebellious souls out there, you may lower your preached eyebrows.       Yes, parents can be your good friends too, provided that you allow them to be. Sometimes, talking to them can be extremely laxative. After all, they were not born as your parents, but grew up to be one, passing through the same phases that you do, be they peer pressure or mood-swings.


According to researchers, yoga and aerobics are excellent ways to bid goodbye to stress and embrace a healthy lifestyle. They will not only be your weight-watchers, but will also help relieve stress, making you feel as cool as a cucumber.


Easier said than done. True, but not impossible. That is the teenage mantra.

Coke, burgers, fries, infact even chocolates are injurious to both your physical and mental health. They are the reason of all those pimples and skin issues that cause you incessant worry.

Instead, tout vegetables and fruits as your best friends. Eating them raw can be fun, but if you find them boring, then vegetable soups, sandwiches and assortments are a good idea. Fruit salads, shakes, yogurts and punches are too yummy to be true.

Here is a bonus : they will help you get into your parents’ good books.

Ahh…..so much for an easy life!


When an adult life, outlined with endless responsibilities awaits you at the end of these seven years, then why not enjoy them to the fullest?

Study hard, because there is absolutely no substitute for hardwork, and good grades are one of the important routes to a successful professional life.

However, what is life without partying and no fun and games? Party, and let all the stress flow out! Rejunevate your soul!

So, if you want to live every moment to it’s fullest and not be weighed down by peer pressure, friend problems, and grade worries, then inculcate the above mentioned tips into your lifestyle and enjoy it’s fruits! Cheers!


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